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What’s the Best SAN File System for Sharing Media?

Since it is an essential requirement for every computer, the file system has been taken for granted for a long time. There are more than 85 different choices for local file systems (at least that was the case last time I counted), including to name just a few, all covering various kinds of hardware and […]


Changing SNFS disk labels

Changing SNFS disk labels un-mount the active file system from all clients run cvadmin -e ‘stop <file system name>’ run cvfsck -j <file system name> (flushing the journal, should not be required but …) run cvfsck <file system name> expecting no errors; stop here on errors create a backup of the metadata using being paraniod […]


How to manage permissions on a StorNext filesystem

Situation: In a shared environment as in a Linux based NAS, the permissions can be set/enforced via the exports file or the Samba configuration or even through yp (yellow pages aka NIS). Comparing it to a SAN based solution you will most likely run into permission issues which you haven’t experienced before. Before each client […]