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FibreChannel zoning template

Topic A SAN () provides the option of allocating resources for device load balancing and for selective data access only to certain users. This administrative setting is called “” and essentially allows the administrator to control who can access what data in a SAN.


StorNext metadata slowness

Topic As the  environment contains many moving parts from the storage subsystem, fibre channel HBA’s, SFP’s, optical wire, the FC and Ethernet switch all the way to the metadata disks and the from Quantum it cannot really be called trivial. Every now and then you may struggle with performance issues that might be caused by […]


StorNext cvfsck free space fragmentation

Situation Many StorNext users have a handful of tools that come with the default StorNext installation, basic or full blown with interface. One of those tools which can assist in troubleshooting is . The most common use of cvfsck is to verify the file system itself. It’s a simple and powerful command line tool if […]


Never Mix Up Throughput or IOPS with Stream Performance

What to Know and What to Ask When You Shop for Storage at NAB or The most important mistake to avoid when evaluating a SAN (or NAS) storage solution is also the most common one: confusing throughput or IOPS with stream performance. Throughput or high IOPS will not provide you with the performance you need […]


How to manage permissions on a StorNext filesystem

Situation: In a shared environment as in a Linux based NAS, the permissions can be set/enforced via the exports file or the Samba configuration or even through yp (yellow pages aka NIS). Comparing it to a SAN based solution you will most likely run into permission issues which you haven’t experienced before. Before each client […]


Cloud Computing in Post-Production

Balancing Cost Advantages in the Cloud with the Performance Requirements of Real-Time Workflow “The cloud” has existed for decades. Remember when the official graphic symbol for the internet was an “evil” cloud? Today, however, cloud is one of the most frequently used buzzwords. So many companies seem to offer a solution with or in the […]