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Roger Beck

I’m a technology and computer fanatic. Not quite a nerd but I’m very lucky that I could turn my hobby into my profession. People often call me a “technology guru“ because they feel I’m genetically related to computers, and suspect my DNA to be partially digital. And maybe they‘re right. I simply like working with computers and the surrounding technologies. To me it‘s fun to learn and adapt new technologies – and find unorthodox ways to push the limits of both hardware and software wherever I can.

Although I consider myself a thoroughbred engineer, I love the entrepreneurial part of my job just as much. Developing a vision and business strategy, pursuing the company goals, building and managing teams, overseeing and managing projects – I‘m accustomed with all those tasks, and enjoy them a lot indeed. Bringing the company forward and help to achieve higher goals while maintaining the competitive edge is a big part of my professional ambition and motivation.

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