Hi, I'm Roger L. Beck



No matter whether I help friends, co-workers or customers, I am thoroughly solution oriented. Finding the best long-term solution for any given problem is my primary goal. Even though I might work just as a regular employee, I approach my job more like an entrepreneur – always having the big picture in mind, and always looking for opportunities to improve things, make something easier and smoother, or save money – without compromising the mission.


For me commitment is the main ingredient for being successful – along with integrity and loyalty. Without it l would‘ve never reached any of my goals. Once I have commited and pledged myself – no matter whether to a company, a job, or a promise – I will stick to it. Living and supporting the visions and values of “my team“ is just as important as delivering the best performance I can. And I won‘t leave a single stone unturned until I have fulfilled my commitment.


I‘m a big fan of efficiency. A streamlined approach is always the preferred way to go. Meetings and conferences are fine to set goals, define objectives, and align the line of action. However, once the goal is set and the objectives are clear, I rather start DOING. As per my personal definition, a “good IT guy“ always thinks ahead, outside the box and around the corner to solve any issue – as quickly as possible. Only a productive day that shows tangible accomplishments is a good day.


Reaching the position of CTO a couple of years ago was a big achievement. However, a position or title is not what‘s important to me. My real ambition is to heIp my team, department, or the company I work for to stay ahead, and reach even those goals that seem to be impossible to reach. Striving to achieve more and make progress in my job, automatically means personal success and reward to me. “Excellent“ is the status I intend to maintain, in every respect of my professional life.


While I love to multi-task, keeping the goal in mind at all times is very important to me. This applies to all internal and external tasks and projects. All efforts should directly support reaching the particular objective, otherswise it‘ll be a useless waste of time. I find it just as important to always go the whole nine yards – I won‘t settle for less than 100%, and I don‘t mind getting my hands dirty in order to get the job done. When pursuing an objective no task is beneath me – regardless of my position or title.


I‘m still humbled when people seem to be amazed when they see what I‘m doing, and how I‘m doing it. But no matter how often I hear “nobody was able to do this, let alone so quickly“, for my own expectations I‘m never good enough. That‘s why I love to challenge myself and learn new things – and push my own limits wherever I can. Maybe it‘s my “partially digital DNA“ that makes it so easy and fun for me to adapt and internalize new topics.

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