Hi, I'm Roger L. Beck


  • " I have worked with Roger while he was at DDN, as well as when he was with our partners. Roger’s depth of knowledge in Media workflows and available technologies allows him to analyze and design workflow solutions to meet and exceed any requirement. This ability allows Roger not only to bring the right tools to bear to solve the most complex workflows but also ensures capital expenditures are accurately made and project budgets are maintained. Roger’s can do attitude and attention to every detail are evident in everything he undertakes, a real asset to any team. "

    Mike Oakes, Data Direct Network, USA
    • " Roger is a true professional with a deep technical and business understanding of the international market, opportunities and customer needs. He is a great team player and leader, but he is also is willing to ‘roll up his sleeves’ if required.’ Roger has an excellent understanding of global media and technology strategies and is well connected in the industry. He is also efficient and thorough and works extremely well under pressure. I would love the opportunity to work with Roger again! "

      Kathy Weidman, TiVo, USA
      • " I’ve had the pleasure of working with Roger for several years. He is extremely knowledgeable, hard-working, dedicated to his craft, and goes above and beyond when it comes customer satisfaction. Roger is always looking at new and emerging technologies to create and develop products that exceed expectations. Roger’s technical expertise, communication skills, and “outside the box” thinking make him a valuable asset to any company. "

        Shawn Clark, Bright Technologies, USA
        • " I have very seldom come across the level of professionalism, and technical knowledge that Roger has shown. "

          Nuno Martins, Rocket Science, South Africa
        • "  Roger is analytical, a problem solver, and business savvy.  Having been both a customer and a supplier in the Media & Entertainment industry, provides Roger with a seldom set of experience and expertise. "

          Ron Earwood, Cinesys-Oceana, USA
        • " Roger, thanks a lot for always assisting and supporting me with professional and goal-oriented solutions! It’s good to have you and your expert knowledge on my side…! "

          Lothar Albrecht, Pictorion Das Werk, Germany
        • " Roger has always been pleasant to work with. He is a consummate professional with a deep knowledge of the post-production industry who is able to turn issues around even with only a few resources. "

          Jesse Anderson, Cloudera, USA
        • " I only worked with Roger briefly but I was deeply impressed by his technical knowledge and even more so by his integrity. Roger’s desire to improve his customer’s experience by improving the service provided to them shone through very clearly and guided his actions while at work. "

          Roland Bavington, Oracle UK
        • " Roger is a technology guru with amazing skills. He is able to design custom storage network systems and patiently diagnose hidden issues that most people couldn’t find with a map. He is also a good manager for technical teams who keeps the focus on satisfying the customer with unique technology solutions. "

          Regis Leiss, Vista International, USA
        • " Roger’s attitude: “Never give up” impressed me a lot. His structured work, open ear to the clients needs and delivering the “turnkey” solution were for me the most impressive parts of working with him. "

          Zeljko Dodlek, MapR, Germany
        • " Roger is a dedicated, customer-focused professional with outstanding technical skills and extensive experience in media and entertainment business organizations. "

          Richard D. Picton, Picton Computers, USA

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