Hi, I'm Roger L. Beck

My Goals (new)


  • For me responsibility is not a burden but a chance – that’s why I’m never afraid to take over responsibility. It provides me with the opportunity to take action, exert influence and make sure tasks are fulfilled with adequate excellence, regardless whether I execute them myself or delegate them to somebody else.


  • Whenever I see a chance for improvement, I will seize it. Whether this chance presents itself in the form of potential cost savings, enhancements through smart process optimization, or increasing the productivity and profitability by implementing innovative workflow automization. It’s easy if one knows the right levers. I do. 


  • I never do things halfway. Every endeavor I start and every effort I take will always lead to at least some kind of viable result. That’s a promise I give to myself. To me it would be a terrible waste of precious time to do it any other way. Besides, only the results really count in the end – and that makes every effort worthwhile.


  • Increasing the competitive edge of the company I work for is always one of my main goals. Gathering meaningful competitive intelligence is naturally part of the process – utilizing those insights to “our advantage” is exciting and fun for me. Succeeding in this aim is more like a hobby of mine – and actually mandatory, too…